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Bridging the Gap Between Dream and Reality

I had a conversation a couple of months ago with Latrina Sam Johnson, also known as “Coach Sam.” I told her how my dreams and the vision to actualize my purpose were starting to fall together.  Then, she said something that has been lodged in the back of my mind: “once you commit to your dream, you dream will take over you.” She was right! I have been moving towards my goals for a long time, but I have experienced cyclical droughts of Confidence, Consistency, and Commitment. (3 C’s to Success).

As my commitment becomes more real, my daily priorities reflect this commitment. Everything just seems so real, so tangible, that I am gaining Godly confidence in my gifts and abilities and I have the desire to explore my options and limits each day.
I have my little disappointments, but they don’t stop me.  Below, I explored a couple of dilemmas I am currently working through.

Dilemma: I found out the trademark, patent, and copyright fees necessary to start my business are double what I expected to pay. In addition, I have some personal debt that is unresolved, some of which I thought was paid off already.

Natural Response:

  • Wait to start until I have my personal finances completely resolved.
  • Save up and try again in a year or so.
  • All or nothing/Absolute thinking fallacy

What I Really Did:

  • Take a step back and realistically think about what I can do now, not regret or project.
  • Made an appointment to meet with a personal financial counselor.
  • Began pulling together documentation for disputed items.
  •  Met online with a trademark examiner who is in my online network about my options.

Dilemma: In 2011, I have gained the 40 pounds I lost in 2009 back and picked up some more for good measure! It has been a challenging year and I am pulled in so many directions that my daily health hygiene is often the sacrifice.

Natural Response:

  • Beat myself up with no action plan.
  • Quit for now and vow to live healthier “when I can focus on that.”
  • Do some ridiculous starvation diet or exercise warrior plan.
  • All or nothing/Absolute thinking fallacy

What I Really Did:

  • Followed up with 17 others and initiated a weekly check in. I haven’t lost anything, but I also stopped gaining.
  • Formed a habit of exercising at least 3 times each week.
  • Started sharing my progress online.
  • Implementing a new healthy habit each time I master one.

What I ended up doing in each of these dilemmas is really of less consequence than the fact that I did something differently. I am breaking cycles and glad of that. He is allowing me to walk from dream to reality and I am thankful. Everything that used to shut me down, paralyze me…has lost its power over my life. God has transformed road blocks into stepping-stones.

Welcome to ATAMI’s World

Welcome to the All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc. (ATAMI) blog! ATAMI was established in December of 2009. The mission of ATAMI is to glorify God through the arts. We cultivate a community of spiritually mature, highly skilled artists who glorify God through their works of art; stimulate a love for the Creator by fostering an appreciation of the arts, and promote art as a spiritual development tool.

The three ministry cornerstones are spiritual formation, arts education and performances and products. Spiritual formation facilitates the spiritual transformation of artists so that they are more like Christ and serve others through their work. Arts education is to help artists sharpen their God-given skills and abilities so that they may perform and minister skillfully. Performances presents the works of arts to the world in order to stimulate a love for the Creator and an appreciation of art as God’s instrument for spirit transformation. Products are distributed to the general public at a nominal fee so that others may relive a performance or delve into a deeper understanding through the written and spoken word.

Please join the conversation as we will blog about ways that we can and should glorify God through the arts, and explore a myriad of spiritual topics that will enhance an artist’s walk with God. We encourage relationship building for the purpose of giving God glory!

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