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Glorifying God through the arts!

Welcome to ATAMI’s World

Welcome to the All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc. (ATAMI) blog! ATAMI was established in December of 2009. The mission of ATAMI is to glorify God through the arts. We cultivate a community of spiritually mature, highly skilled artists who glorify God through their works of art; stimulate a love for the Creator by fostering an appreciation of the arts, and promote art as a spiritual development tool.

The three ministry cornerstones are spiritual formation, arts education and performances and products. Spiritual formation facilitates the spiritual transformation of artists so that they are more like Christ and serve others through their work. Arts education is to help artists sharpen their God-given skills and abilities so that they may perform and minister skillfully. Performances presents the works of arts to the world in order to stimulate a love for the Creator and an appreciation of art as God’s instrument for spirit transformation. Products are distributed to the general public at a nominal fee so that others may relive a performance or delve into a deeper understanding through the written and spoken word.

Please join the conversation as we will blog about ways that we can and should glorify God through the arts, and explore a myriad of spiritual topics that will enhance an artist’s walk with God. We encourage relationship building for the purpose of giving God glory!

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One thought on “Welcome to ATAMI’s World

  1. Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement and artistic insights.

    Minister Mary Edwards
    Leaves of Gold Book Consulting


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