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Carefeully Cast Your Love

Recently, a young man stopped by a young lady’s house for visit. Arriving unannounced her mother was quite surprised when she opened the door and found the young man there. Without as much as the obligatory hello, he rudely cut to the chase and asked, “Is Tiffany at home?” The mother, taken aback by the young man’s lack of manners asked, “Why do you want to see my daughter?” His reply was as amazing and as unexpected as the encounter, “She’s my dog.”

Although it sounds a little far-fetched this story unfortunately is true. Even more dreadful is the fact that for this generation, “my dog” is a term of endearment. But, if you take a moment to think about the fact that this young man was calling his female friend a dog, he in essence is calling her a female dog and we all know the vernacular or common name for a female dog. Yet many young women and men refer to one another as dogs.

The fact that young women have allowed themselves to accept this kind of treatment from young men who obviously do not recognize their worth is troubling. Sadder stills is that the young women have placed such low value on themselves.

Several social factors contribute to women having low self worth. In our society, the portrayal of women as objects of sexual pleasure if far too common. Many women have experienced sexual and physical abuse. Too many carry the emptiness of physical or emotional abandonment by one or more parents. Not fitting the prescribe beauty standard is a primary contributor to women feeling not good enough. Women are hurt and seeking comfort wherever they find it. Regardless of what the media and others say, the fact remains that in the eyes of God, every person is extremely valuable.

The poem, “Cast Carefully,” encourages young women to understand how valuable they are to God. With this understanding, they must be careful with whom they entrust love and their lives.

Carefully Cast Your Love

My young sisters

Don’t cast your pearls before swine
A pig can’t tell the difference between a gem and a rock.
It just wiggles its snout and feeds its appetite
Devouring whatever is edible
Whatever is available
Rolling it around in the mud
Playing with it
Making it worthless

Don’t cast your pearls before swine

You will be cheapened
Disgraced and
Left feeling ashamed.

Don’t cast your pearls before swine my young sisters!!!!

You are a unique creation
A princess to be cherished
Loved and
Your praises to be sung forth
By those who know you
You are a diamond with the most precise cut
With crystal clarity
Oh, you are the finest pearl
The oyster opened proudly
Revealing your beauty.

My young sisters
Don’t cast your pearls before swine
A pig doesn’t know the difference between
A gem
And a Rock.

Know your value
Know your worth
And you will never ever
Ever, ever
Cast your pearls before swine.

© Copyright Debby Mitchell

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