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Loving Me in 20-One Three (2013)

Praise the Lord for 2013! When God finished His creative work, He looked at His creation and saw that it was “very good.” As men and women created in God’s image, we are “very good.” If God so deemed us as “very good,” we should love ourselves as He loves us.

While driving to Detroit many years ago, my negative self was screaming comments about me that I dear not repeat. After receiving these devastating blows for several minutes, I said to that false self, “Shut up. I’m loving me. I’m loving me. Oooo, I’m loving me!” The words to a poem began to flow and I started writing them down as fast as I could.

Today, I am sharing that poem with you, “OOO I’m Loving Me”.  Listen to the poem and speak these words as a mantra everyday and remember you are carefully and wonderfully made by the Great God Almighty.


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