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June is the month MANA has designated for writers focusing on fatherhood or mentoring. If you have a collection of short stories, collection of poems, novel, or non-fiction work focusing on these topics, you have until June 30 to submit your work. Are you ready?


Where is Adam is an excellent work guiding and challenging men to be fathers. Also, this work challenges any person who questions the importance of the man in the development of a man-child and woman-child. This work settles the controversy–Adam is necessary. And it provides the guidance and the reasons for the guidance.
Our Price: e-book = $9.95; bound = $14.95
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MANA designates a theme for every month. If you have the manuscript for this month’s theme–fatherhood and/or mentoring, submit the work. A non-refundable $250 down payment is all that is needed. This amount will go towards any plan you choose. By taking advantage of MANA Monday, 20% is discounted off the plan of choice. And you have a year to complete the payment on your plan; then, you will become a published author.
Our Price: down payment of $250

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Do you know you have a work that is worthwhile? June 30 is the deadline for MANA Monday for June. Do not miss the deadline! Where Is Adam: Understanding the Father’s Role by Jeff Wheeler is definitely a must for those who seriously want to make an impact in the lives of young boys and girls. Certainly, you, also, have a work of the same importance and urgency for many to read. Share that work with many future readers! If you have the work, contact MANA now!

SPECIAL OFFER! Purchase a copy of Where Is Adam; receive an additional 10% off the cost of any self-publishing plan you choose, for a total of 30% off any plan’s cost!


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