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My Fiance Never Was My ‘Boyfriend’

At thirty-something, it feels awkward to call a grown man my “boyfriend”. I like this idea of spending time evolving a friendship and then becoming engaged. Although at first read, their story seemed a bit extreme, I do know that really good relationships come from friendships, not dating. Besides, they still got engaged and are doing a lot of the things people might do while dating, just with a shared commitment in mind. That sounds good to me.

There's a Fire Starter In You

Ever since the engagement, many people have asked me questions about my relationship and the most prevalent one is “how long did you guys date?” The truth is we never did. He never asked me to be his girlfriend. He never asked me out on a solo date. We never even kissed. For as long as I’ve known him we were just friends… Friends that valued each other, prayed for one another, and wanted to see each other succeed in every area of life.


Now within this friendship, I admit, there were times when I looked at him like “Dang, he’s cute” or “I really admire this about him” or “I would love for my mate to have some of his qualities” but honestly there were A LOT of guys that I would say the very same thing about! Soon enough, I learned how to categorize the guys in my life by placing…

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One thought on “My Fiance Never Was My ‘Boyfriend’

  1. My late husband and I only knew each other one month before he proposed. We were married five months later for 21 years.

    I’m in an online relationship now. Becoming very good friends.He lives in Atlanta. I had already planned to move there before we connected. He is overjoyed. I’m optimistic. Only God knows…

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