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Resisting Brokenness

There’s this pride in us that fights brokenness. It resists it to the end. It will not go away quietly. It kicks, screams and fights to reign. It rationalizes, judges, manipulates, twists and squirms, refusing to die.

Pride defends her actions, speaks of her rights, blames, accuses but doesn’t own up to who she is. She’s pride, the one who rebels against God, is self-centered and disobedient. She seeks her own way. She’s pride, the very one whom God resists.

She doesn’t rejoice in the truth, especially if the truth reveals her sin. She doesn’t suffer long, why should she?How dare they expect that of her? Pride keeps track of every wrong done to her. She is easily offended and yes she will boast of her accomplishments and let you know why she doesn’t deserve the treatment that she’s receiving.

She is blinded by her own ambition which is often thinly masked as doing the will of God. She’s always correcting, finding fault, fixing things, and needing to be right. She doesn’t even notice the bodies she’s left along her path. She simply steps over them, despising them for laying around when there’s so much to be done for the Kingdom.

Yes, she avoids brokenness at all cost, ignorant of the fact that God resists the proud but He gives grace to the humble (I Corinthians 13; James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5).

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